Are you feeling stuck, off balance, dealing with difficult emotions or going through life changes?
Kinesiologist & Artist

i’m Sonia Charkisky

A Perfect Balance

Are you struggling to find your perfect work : life balance?

Does it seem like life keeps dishing out the unexpected, leaving you feeling exhausted and confused?

Maybe the noise from the world outside is competing with the chatter in your head making it difficult to stay focused.

Do you crave clarity and a clear path forward?

This was exactly how I felt before I tried Kinesiology.

After years of study and implementation I have totally transformed myself and my life.

And I want that for you too.

Using Kinesiology tools to get to the source of the problem I can help you regain a sense of calm and productivity.

You’ll be able to shift your energy, regardless of what’s happening around you.

With the aid of Kinesiology we will look at -

  1. The underlying issues
  2. Where in the body it’s held and why
  3. How to heal and release
  4. Solutions that are easy to implement in your life
  5. How to celebrate your wins

This will leave you feeling more centred and grounded.

And that’s where the real magik happens.

You’ll face life with a newfound sense of ease and flow. You’ll have a better understanding of yourself and be able to start using your talents to reach your greater potential.

So if you’re ready to create the life you want give me a call.


" You are in the safest of hands when you experience a kinesiology session with Sonia. I am blown away by her accuracy and her ability to seamlessly link my life stories together in such a healing way. Since our session I have been met with many ah-ha moments. Sonia is a profound healer and I couldn't recommend her more. "

Catherine, Gold Coast