Hey all,

I’m Sonia, a creative, Mum, Kinesiologist and an Introverted Extravert. I’m good at adapting to my surroundings and those around me. My happy place is either assisting you to find the freedom to creatively express and achieve your goals, or having a brush in hand, music and a canvas to create on.

I am country born and raised so nature is highly important to me. I love nothing more than welcoming you with open arms and a sincere home style hospitality. As a first generation Australian I went to school not knowing a word of English. Feeling completely out of the loop I developed a keen eye for reading people’s behaviours to unlock what was going on.

Although it was difficult being the odd one out, and I was often bullied, it has held me in good stead as an adult. It’s probably the reason I can understand and empathise so well with each person’s individual circumstances.

I have a background in Social welfare and healthcare with a strong focus in disabilies and mental health. In today’s climate I find myself drawn to assisting clients to navigate through anxieties and overwhelm.

This is especially true where young ones are concerned.

I have developed a creative mindfulness program for schools which blends art and life skills that anyone will enjoy. Contact me if you want to learn more for your child’s school.

My life experiences have lead me down the path of transformation and personal growth. Having faced many of my own lifes adversities I have gone from feeling like the world was against me, riddled with self doubt to discovering a sense of purpose and direction.

I have spent years studying and building my business on these foundations; unlocking subconscious conditioning and creating a strong sense of self awareness.

I use this knowledge to lovingly support you through your own story and to help you build your own foundation of stability and calm.