To dream is to exist and to exist is to dream, 

I love to see the world as multifaceted. I see the depth and layers in everyone I meet as well as the experiences and challenges I face.

The opportunity to create and grow is all around us. In the seemingly ordinary, everydayness of life. Do you often find yourself overwhelmed with the complexities of life?
How would you like to harness the potential to transform the mundane into an incredible life that leaves an impact. Onlookers viewing your achievements in aw, stating if only I could do that!

Now look at this Mandala. What do you see? How do you feel? Is it pleasing to the eye? Are you impressed by the skill it took to draw it? People often comment on its beauty, richness, depth and intricacies, yet if I were to ask you to draw or replicate this what would your response be?

Oh no…I can’t do that
It’s too hard…
I’m not arty…

Yet if I was to tell you that we all possess the same basic tools to create something beautiful and unique would you believe me? Well, I am here to not just tell you but show you how. Along with how life mimics art. How you can create and manifest your best life using basic life skills, overcoming outmoded belief systems, blockages and stress, all whilst pushing past your comfort zone and leaving your unique impact on the world.



Are you ready to learn more?


We are all born given basic life skills. This is our foundations. Belief systems. Values. Our views on life, family, environment and work. For most part this is what we base our lifejourney on.


We take these tools and we learn how to utilise them through practice, observation and feed back from our external world.



Ripple effect and boundaries.
It is here that we start to either push ourselves out of our comfort zones or retreat into the safe haven of what we know and feels safe. It is here we start to stack our story. Leaving and impact that ripples out into the world as well as feeling the ripples of the external world coming back to us. Ideally this happens in flow and harmony. However, this is not always the case and it can feel as the some outside force is coming in and throwing us out of kilter. Our tools no longer working as affectively as we would like. This is where Kinesiology can assist in getting you back on track.



Advancing on basic skills and knowledge. Once you have mastered the basics. You can then start to advance your skills. Realising that even the most basic of tools have wider application. This is where you start to play, explore and grow your interests.





Combine and Create

And as your skills advance, you can start to branch out and create your own awareness to what you have observed and learned. Creating so much more than the obvious. Making it something all your own.



Now to put it all together




Now if I was to ask you to draw a Mandala. What would your response be? I get that you may still be hesitant. And that is normal, you have yet to apply and practice your knowledge. Yet I would guess that it won’t feel as overwhelming. As you can see. When something is broken down to its most basics, even the most complicated and overwhelming becomes doable and manageable.



The world is a kaleidoscope of infinite possibilities. Full of colour and intricate interactions. So if you are feeling like it is too big or you just cannot see past the complicated. Contact me as we break it down into manageable parts. Eliminating the bits that no longer serve you so you can redesign the very fabric of your life into something you can stand proud in.