What Our Clients Say


I went to Sonia for some balances to help me with both personal and work related issue's I was having. I cannot praise her work enough. After my balances I felt more focused and clearer minded to make the changes I needed in my life. I highly recommend Sonia, her energy, humour the way she makes you feel at ease balanced with her work ethic will leave you feeling energised and ready to take on the world.

- Sue
Ursula Faye

Much praise for Kinesiology sessions at A Perfect Balance. Sonia was very adept at following the threads through to the real core issue, even when I was kidding myself that I only needed work at a surface level. Her perception and level of kindness and care meant that I felt safe being guided through everything that came up. And “homework” given made sure that I wasn’t left to flounder alone after the sessions, but felt empowered to be active in my own journey.

- Ursula Faye

How do you put an experience so powerful, yet comforting into words? I have always been sceptical and never opened myself up to anything like kinesiology before. I was drawn to Sonia and cannot recommend her highly enough. She makes you feel so comfortable and puts you at ease from the very beginning. Such an uplifting experience from a gentle calming soul.

- Genie

Since working with Sonia, I have experienced a new found freedom in the expression of who I am. I Let go of perfection and purely accepted what is. The most beautiful aspect I have found working with Sonia, is you never know what you’re going to receive of the day, she is extremely in-tune and knowledgeable. And I always walk away with greater insight into something I’ve been pondering. Sonia’s style of work, is gentle yet impactful, her energy is bold yet so compassionate and she will hold you in a safe space while you shift what you need too. I would highly recommend her to anyone, who needs some extra support in their life. Whether they’re feeling stuck, seeking to move forward or a in need of some powerful healing. Thank you Sonia for being a ray of light for me in a dark time.

- Robyn

You are in the safest of hands when you experience a kinesiology session with Sonia. I am blown away by her accuracy and her ability to seamlessly link my life stories together in such a healing way. Since our session I have been met with many ah-ha moments. Sonia is a profound healer and i couldn't recommend her more.

- Catherine